Meet the members of Grey Dynamics

  • Ahmed Hassan
    CEO & Founder
    Ahmed is one the co-founders of Grey Dynamics (GD) and has been active in the intelligence and security sector in the Horn of Africa for 8 years. At GD, he is responsible for the commercial activities and strategy. He holds an MA in Intelligence and Security Studies degree from the Brunel Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies in London. For his dissertation, Ahmed combined his passion for artificial intelligence and counter insurgency into a future framework of high value targeting using machine learning algorithms. His further research interests include counter intelligence, predictive analysis, human machine collaboration, violent non-state actors and cyber.
  • Seju Kim
    COO & Founder
    Seju Kim is one of the co-founders of Grey Dynamics and as the Chief Operating Officer (COO), he designs various intelligence concepts for Grey Dynamics and is also in charge of planning and control of all intelligence operations. His broad understanding of intelligence operations enables Grey Dynamics to operate effectively in the physical, psychological and cyber domains. Additionally, he leads the software development team, as the software logic architect. He volunteered for the military service as an intelligence analyst and squad leader of the Republic of Korea Airforce. He was involved in various types of operations. After his retirement from military, he joined multiple security, intelligence and technology firms. Seju combines his experience from the intelligence sector and technological understanding to create truly innovative intelligence concepts and operations.
  • Uche Osumili
    Uche Osumili served in the British Army and undertook a tour to Afghanistan where he was awarded a commendation. After leaving the military he went to work for the Home Office (a governmental department in the UK). He holds an MA in Intelligence & Security Studies and has over 13 years’ experience in the security industry. For his MA dissertation, Uche research focus on an effective Counter Terrorism Strategy for Nigeria citing UK counter terrorism policy Contest as a possible model. Adopting descriptive and analytical methods, the research examined the issues and challenges besetting Nigeria in countering terrorism. Specifically, it examined Nigeria’s Counter-terrorism Strategy: NACTEST. He is a senior consultant at Deuce Consulting UK. He is currently working on a project that will offer African Universities insights into security and development.
  • Julie Nel
    Julie is Managing Director of b4Secure and also serves on the board of directors for the Association of Security Consultants. Prior to this she served with the RAF and then 23 years as a UK Police Officer leaving in 2015 at the rank of Detective Superintendent. As Director of Intelligence she authorised all covert operations and was responsible for force Strategic Threat Assessments, leading intelligence operations for major events and crime/problem profiling. Julie was responsible for directing and coordinating force resources to effectively target crime across the geographical Force areas. Julie is a trained Senior Investigating Officer, Firearms Commander and Kidnap Senior Investigating Officer and has led numerous operations. Serving in HMIC Julie was specialist Lead Staff Officer for intelligence and serious and organised crime. After leaving the Police Julie worked within the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) industry. Applying this knowledge to her years of experience in security, Julie is able to advise clients on how innovative UAV platforms can be successfully utilised within the security arena.
  • Greg
    Greg is from a former British Military Special Duties Intelligence Operator. Greg has served abroad in Iraq, Afghanistan, multiple locations in Africa and counter ISIS operations based in the Middle East. Whilst a member of the British Military, Greg’s role transitioned from that of an intelligence operator through to a mentor of overseas partnered forces and finally as an instructor, growing the capabilities of partnered forces. After leaving the military, Greg became a security and intelligence consultant. Greg’s most recent accomplishment was the design and delivery of an Intelligence Officer’s course for an allied Special Forces client. Greg regularly instructs at the training establishments of allied National Intelligence Organisations, teaching a variety of subjects that range from the theoretical to practical. In addition to training roles, Greg maintains an active footprint as a consultant in MENA, typically advising the oil and gas sectors in order to enable business in high risk areas through innovative and timely use of intelligence. 
  • General Ali Mohamed Hassan
    Gen. Ali Mohamed Hassan Has been active in the intelligence, security and diplomacy field for over 40 years. Furthermore, He holds an Economics bachelor’s degree from Mogadishu National University. He started his career in the Somali National Army as an officer before switching to the National Security Service (NSS). At the NSS he rose through the ranks after undergoing several courses in the US, USSR, Egypt and Italy. Between 2005 and 2007, the general was named the head of Somalia’s Police Force, to rebuild the institution. He was then promoted to the rank of brigadier general—a rank he holds till this day. Gen. Hassan also held the post of Ambassador for Somalia in Tanzania. In 2011, Gen. Hassan went into the private sector, and started the private security company ISCO of which he is chairman of the board till this day. The general currently advises the Somali government and several other African leaders and organisations on security matters.
  • Haeyeon Lim
    Head Contents Designer
    Haeyeon Lim is the Head Content Designer of Grey Dynamics. She holds a BA in Economics from Dongguk University where she also was awarded 6 certificates for graphic design software and online research techniques. She worked for various South Korean government agencies as contents creator, web designer and social media project manager. In early 2016, she joined the governmental designer training course for 6 months to develop high-end designing skills, infographic planning and trends, leading to 4 freelance web design projects. Haeyeon joined Grey Dynamics in late 2016 and directs all visual content of intelligence reports, ‘The Grey Zone’, company brochures and website. She combines her experience from the governmental and freelance work to create formal yet more effective and easy-consumable visual content.