This article seeks to examine the importance of tech start-ups in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Despite the instability, a fraction of DRC’s young population invests their energy in technology. They aim to solve problems in agriculture, finance, human resource, and so on. Regardless, the government does not offer enough support. Foreign investors show interest in assisting them through events and competitions. This article highlights a few challenges they face, and how it affects their future.

Reconstructed Scenario is based on the following judgments:

There is a realistic probability that tech start-ups in DRC will move to Rwanda. Rwanda is conducive for tech development and innovation and has a better economy.
It is highly likely that Tech start-ups will remain low-scaled. They lack the opportunity to explore their skills, hence the shrinking of their tech start-up potentials.
There is a realistic probability that skilled young people, in FinTech, may become rogue and engage in financial fraud. This is because they have no means to use their skills for positive objectives, and they are poor.

Reconstructed Scenario

‘Seedstars is a Swiss-based private group of companies with a mission to impact people’s lives in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship’. They hold a yearly competition for tech start-ups. At one competition that held in the Democratic Republic of Congo, they identified 11 start-ups to pitch. Participants competed for $1million in equity investment. From DRC, Agri-tech solution AfriNTIC, off-grid energy access provider Alternative Energy Technologies, business management software EBUTELO, public safety solution EHE, payments platform Faysal, information platform InjoByte, mobile charging solution Integrity Media, ed-tech Start-up Labes Key, recruitment platform SMS Emploi, and analytics Start-up STATS CONGO. They cover agriculture, power, corporate services, public safety, financial technology (FinTech), Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and human resource management.

Afrobyte is in Paris at Station F. ‘Its mission is to bridge the gap between the African Tech Industry and other international communities.’ It achieves this through hosting tech events to showcase what Africa offers. It also helps to speed up Africa’s tech industry. Major companies such as Facebook, Google, Kaspersky, Sanofi, JCDecaux, Instagram, Alibaba, and others work with them to connect with tech talents in Africa. MaxiCash, (FinTech), MEDpay, (HealthTech), Tinda, (Logistics), MOKO, (Music), and Eteyelo, (EdTech) took part in the 2019 edition. What would happen if DRC’s economy were to ride on these extra wheels?


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