Intelligence Analyst

Intelligence analysts are the critical thinkers. They estimate and analyse small pieces of evidence to illustrate future events in a limited timeframe. They create and challenge each other’s hypotheses with the support of A.I.

ISTAR Operator

These field operators are the backbone of all ground operations. They are the group of people with special skills to conduct ISTAR operations in Grey Dynamics’ area of operation. They collect unique information that impacts analysis.


Engineers are the most skillful resource at the Grey Dynamics. Not only do our mad scientists develop our artificial intelligence software, they also participate in intelligence operations and became a spearhead for collection, processing and analysis in various domains.


Contributors are the media rockstars. They are the impactful channel to distribute and collect public opinion, especially in the cyberspace. Through their unlimited scalability of human network, it is easy for them to connect to the access various access channels.


Unmanned aerial vehicles are not a new concept in the field of intelligence. However, our UAV manufacturing and system operating capabilities allows us to conduct novel types of tailored aerial operations with the support of A.I.


Recently, geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) or the use of satellite imagery has become a crucial method to collect geographical information. Various collection disciplines form greater synergy with the use of our A.I. by processing ultra-definition images and full motion videos from satellites. Satellite imagery can be the most impactful information to conduct diagnostic intelligence operations.

Structured Analytic Techniques

SATs are the most scientific methodologies to create and evaluate cognitive biases. The Analytic deck in Scarlet will provide all communication and co-working functions between analysts and operators. The advantage of collective thinking will be complete with the support of Scarlet.

Solar IP CCTV System

The Solar IP CCTV System provides rapid deployment surveillance in remote and hostile areas, working in extreme temperatures and highly corrosive environments to provide seamless HD monitoring for high security operations across a wide geographic area, anywhere in the world.

Training Module

The training module includes two different sub-modules. One contains the teach & learn and the other is an apprentice system. These modules include education materials, programs and standardized tests to complete multi-dimensional capacity building.

Consultancy Module

Consultancy module is an expansion of the intelligence project. Through this module, the client can receive direct policy advice, suggestions and course of actions. Moreover, Grey Dynamics’ wide reach to subject matter experts will assure the consulting quality.