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Ahmed Hassan

CEO & Founder

Ahmed is one the co-founders of Grey Dynamics (GD) and has been active in the intelligence and security sector in the Horn of Africa for 8 years. At GD, he is responsible for the commercial activities and strategy. He holds an MA in Intelligence and Security Studies degree from the Brunel Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies in London. For his dissertation, Ahmed combined his passion for artificial intelligence and counter insurgency into a future framework of high value targeting using machine learning algorithms. His further research interests include counter intelligence, predictive analysis, human machine collaboration, violent non-state actors and cyber.

Seju Kim

COO & Founder

Seju Kim is one of the co-founders of Grey Dynamics and as the Chief Operating Officer (COO), he designs various intelligence concepts for Grey Dynamics and is also in charge of planning and control of all intelligence operations. His broad understanding of intelligence operations enables Grey Dynamics to operate effectively in the physical, psychological and cyber domains. In his military service of the Republic of Korea Airforce, he served in the Airforce intelligence section. He was involved in various types of operations. After his retirement from the military, he joined multiple security, intelligence and technology firms. Seju combines his experience from the intelligence sector and technological understanding to create truly innovative intelligence operations and concepts.

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